Homeowners & Renter’s Insurance?

What’s Included In Homeowners & Renter’s Insurance?

Before buying something, it’s always best to learn about it. If you are deciding whether to buy homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance, then it’s a good idea to first learn what they are. Here are a few common questions that people usually ask before buying any of these two insurance policies. Each insurance carrier is different and provides different included coverage. It is best to call your insurance agent for specific questions.

Does homeowner insurance cover a broken window?

The short answer is yes but it would depend on the cause and the deductible. Homeowner’s insurance pays for perils (losses) beyond your control. Any damage that could have been prevented on your part will probably not be covered. Depending on the size of the window etc. it may be under your deductible. Standard homeowners policies insurance list perils (cause of loss) that are covered are hail, wind, fire, vandalism, and theft. If it is a detached structure check with your insurance agent to make sure you have coverage for it. If you are renting your house, broken windows are not standard coverage for the above perils because they belong to your landlord. However, if someone that does not live with you or a neighbor hits a baseball through your window there would be coverage. Depending on the scenario, whether they are your neighbor or guest, if they have homeowner’s insurance their policy would step up and cover the loss under their liability coverage. Filing a claim may not always be in either party’s best interest. Sometimes it makes a lot more sense to pay for the damages yourself so you do not have an insurance claim on your record. You should discuss all insurance coverage and claims scenarios with your insurance agent.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover a broken water main pipe?

On most Homeowner’s insurance policies the resulting damage from the water main break is covered however the water main and the process to fix it are not. You need to check with your insurance agent to make sure you have a type of service line coverage. This is not typical and not on most insurance policies so it is worth discussing the coverage at the very least at your annual review.

Does renter’s insurance cover broken windows?

To put it simply, yes, renter’s insurance will provide the needed coverage to fix a broken window. If the broken window belongs to another, the coverage will provide the finance to cover its costs. However, the way this all works depends on the liability portion of your renters policy. This portion of the policy will pay for the fees and costs that come with the claims for which the owner is found liable. In case the insurance provider determines you are liable for the damages, your coverage will provide the money you need, but up to a limit.