About Me

I have been in the insurance industry for exactly 30 years. Not sure I want to list the companies I have worked for ( Thoughts) but I have been writing and servicing personal lines and life insurance for all 30 years. and have been writing and servicing commercial policies for the last 22 years. I have been an independent agent for the last 13 years servicing personal line, commerciale policies with the ability to market out to many carriers to give the clients more options.

Our Insurance Agency

Starlight Insurance Agency is a direct ticket to getting insured against business, professional, and personal related damages so that people can promptly receive the coverage they require to fend off the unexpected expenses they are facing under challenging circumstances. Starlight Insurance Agency has years of experience and only employs agents who are best at what they do so that our institution can deliver a unique, satisfying, and immersive experience to our valued clients.

Starlight Insurance Agency is proud to be partnered with The AHBE Group for over 13 years. This massive organization is licensed to operate in 45 states and comprises of 300 exceptionally skilled agents ready to serve.