Professional insurance

What Is Professional Insurance?

If you commit a mistake while providing professional services to a client or customer, professional insurance can assist in protecting you and your business. Some refer to this coverage as errors and omissions insurance. Even if you are a pro in your field, mistakes still occur. And Your client or customer has the right to file a complaint and/or potentially sue you if they believe that an error in your professional services resulted in a loss of their money and value.

Why Should You Get This Coverage?

Being a business owner is an excellent achievement because not everyone can pull it off. A business owner may feel extremely proud when hiring their first employee, exceeding a significant sales target, receiving recognition from the local community, and more. But there’s always the chance that some people might not have your best interest in mind and accuse you of negligence, causing someone else harm, or violating their copyright, to mention a few. Such accusations have the potential to completely dry out your company’s financial resources and destroy everything you worked so hard to build. However, professional insurance can give you the protection and resources you need to defend and pay-off such claims.

Aspects that Professional Insurance Covers:

  • Negligence (actual or alleged)
  • Legal Defense Expenses
  • Personal Injury
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Damage Claim
  • Temporary Staff
  • And More!

Your professional insurance will help cover the costs of protecting your reputation should you or someone directly connected to your business get caught up in libel or slander, fail to deliver your service or product, or be accused of violating someone else’s copyright.

What it Does Not Cover

Please do note that professional insurance has some restrictions. This coverage does not cover the following situations:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Fraud
  • False Advertising
  • Patents and Trade Secrets
  • Employment Issues
  • Customer Identifiable Information

Small Mistakes. BIG Consequences!

No hard working business owner or professional deserves to lose their business license because of a minor mistake. Even the most experienced, trained, and skilled practitioner can make errors because at the end of their day, they are all human. Some clients understand this concept, but others want to exploit it. In order to protect yourself from losing everything that you worked so hard to build, you need professional insurance coverage from a trusted company. And we can help you find one that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. We, at Starlight Insurance, want to ensure that businesses and professionals can continue their operations without the fear of making a mistake and paying a hefty price for it.