The Insurance We Provide

Please browse through all our insurance services and find the one that best suits your needs and requirements. If in doubt or need of any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out for help; our agents and representatives will be more than happy to help you out.

Business Insurance

We all know and understand the importance of local businesses to their communities. Not only do they bring in jobs for the people around them, but they also pay out wages and salaries. Starlight Insurance Agency wants to reach out a helping hand to such businesses and offer them the protection and coverage they deserve. 

Starlight Insurance Agency always helps its business clients in the times of their need and delivers the protection and coverage that allows the company to overcome their current predicaments. 

Professional Insurance

When a specialist deals with hundreds of clients every day, no matter how skilled, experienced, and well trained they are, they could still make an unintentional mistake that could land them in some serious trouble. We at Starlight Insurance stand against such claims. All the hardworking specialists are only humans at the end of the day; anyone can make mistakes.
We strongly believe that harshly punishing a practicing specialist because of an unintentional error when providing their services is an unjustified practice. Thus, we fight against such rulings and provide the specialist with appropriate protection to ensure their future is safe.

Personal Insurance

There’s just so much that can go wrong in your daily life of the daily lives of your loved ones. Any damage that your property or your family does to others could lead to heft charges that would be paid off from your personal pocket. Doesn’t that sound a bit unfair?! An honest mistake that could force you to pay thousands of dollars to the other party!
Starlight Insurance has multiple coverages that offer you prime protection against such situations and ensure that not a single penny is taken out from your wallet and everything is covered for.